Sanitary Projects Creation

International Healthcare Consulting from Madrid

Cleodora is made up of a team of proven professionals with different profiles in the creation, development, start-up, and management of specialized hospital centers and units. In addition, the company markets healthcare products and services internationally.

Our team combines the experience of managing large health projects for decades with youth and the applied use of new technologies in the different fields that surround different international contemporary medical-based projects. From ‘Healing Worldwide’ was born the core health operation of Cleodora, an entity that emerged as a global DNA spin-off of Grupo Arpa Médica. In fact, Cleodora’s professional team mixes health projects in countries such as Colombia, Turkey, Equatorial Guinea, Peru, Nepal, Germany, and Spain. Cleodora understands that the demand for healthcare around the world is increasing as a result of aging, population growth, an increase in lifestyle-related diseases, and the emergence of a middle class in the developing world. These pressures are challenging local governments and health authorities and are leading to unsustainable spending.

We are a specialist in the design, development and start-up of medical centers, hospitals and clinics, always adapting to resources and synchronizing with the environment. Cleodora creates action from fresh ideas and innovative solutions for the planning, design, delivery and operations of primary care clinics, hospitals, specialty medical centers, research centers and care for the elderly.

We provide a range of services to the healthcare sector that is broadly structured in business and infrastructure consulting, program and project management, and building engineering.

Our dedicated, multidisciplinary project teams maintain a healthcare facility of excellence, ensuring that we stay on the cutting edge of industry knowledge and trends.

Some of our projects by our members

Creation of the Center for Gynecology and Fertility in Equatorial Guinea (Centro Oyala).

Design, development and start-up of the Institute for Advanced Techniques against Cancer (iTAcC) in Madrid, Spain.

Design, development and start-up of various Neurorehabilitation services for Acquired Brain Injury in Madrid, Spain

Design, development and start-up of Hospital Emergencies.

Development of medical health centers in Angokon, Ebibeyin, Equatorial Guinea

Distribution of the Covid-19 Detection Test product and service for the largest international study carried out on the entire population of Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain.

Design, development and start-up of the Benito Menni Mental Health Center in Bata, Equatorial Guinea.

Global market study of the dialysis industry by market value and country competencies.

Branding and internal education after the acquisition of 22 dialysis clinics in different cities in Turkey after the acquisition of the entire national operations (from Diaverum to D.Med Healthcare).

Design, construction and commissioning in several countries (Colombia and Spain).

Design, construction and commissioning in several countries (Colombia and Spain).

Market and feasibility study on the implementation of a dialysis service for Nepal in contact with local authorities.


Specialists in the medical industry

We specialize in each specific subject, always counting on renowned medical specialists to seek in- depth knowledge before starting work. We strategically generate to sell and produce more, optimizing resources and without losing a set of values of quality, professionalism and respect for the end patient.


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